Born in Palembang, Indonesia.
Educated as Graphic Designer from Modern School of Design (MSD), Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Live in Copenhagen, and work between Copenhagen – Yogyakarta Indonesia


Artist Statement

In this life I'm having processes in everyday life.
I sometimes don't think or feel what has happened in the process of life.
But the fact of life, I experienced a change.

Others can also experience my experience. Only in another time and place.
What happens to others, I will experience in another time and place maybe, but essentially the same.

My artworks have much to say about what happens to us.
Throughout life we continue to experience new things.
It only ends when death arrives.

Daily life is interesting to me - What I see, what I feel and what I experience.

And therefor I was inspired to work with FRACTAL as concept.

We all lived from the beginning until now.
It will never stop at any point, the process of life.
Life will continue through the past, the present and the future.
Sustainability and repetition - that’s life.
Whether it’s in the tradition, custom, life or even technological advances.
Life will present itself even in a different time and place.

Fractal is everywhere - In humans, animals, plants and in life itself.
Fractal is a form of continuity and repetition.

My artwork has been on a journey from the beginning until now, where it visually is very different.

Also because of what I saw and felt during the creative process.

I created the circles, and repeating it with a different size, because I want to convey the past, which can be seen behind the circles.

I combine all my earlier styles, to create the concept, “Fractal”
Fractal itself lives within us and our daily lives.


I weaves the artistic process with elements from other universes, based on the mathematical formula for fractal geometry creates compelling digital and manual works, that illustrate the encounter between art, nature and mathematics. Fractals recognized as an endlessly repeating visual pattern and is found everywhere in nature - in humans, animals and plants.
With its fractal-works I creates continuity and repetition, mimics life process as a continuous line through the past, present and future with an element of change. For changeability is part of fractal code and indicate that nothing is stable. Our world and society is in motion and development, but is also, as fractal, connected in a closed circle: What we do today, the decisions we make will affect tomorrow. Everything that happens on one side of the world, will have consequences on the other side. And back again.

We are all part of a world community.


- Warna Suara Negeri Bawah Angin. Bale Black Box Laboralory. Yogyakarta Indonesia

- West East. PopUP Copenhagen. Copenhagen Denmark

- SPICE SELECT. Nadi Fine Art. Malaysia

- Art Garden Jakarta. Jagad Gallery Booth. Jakarta Indonesia

- RETURN. Jagad Gallery. Jakarta Indonesia

- Art Future. Jagad Gallery Booth. Taipe Taiwan


- Art Jakarta. Jagad Gallery Booth. Jakarta Indonesia

- CreArt. Jagad Gallery Booth. Jakarta Indonesia

- Art Prague Fair (Art Fair). Gallery Orange International Booth. Prague, Czech

- Sub-Values. R.J Katamsi Gallery (presented by Srisasanti Gallery) Yogyakarta Indonesia

- EndLess. Strayfield Gallery. Søborg Denmark

- Ungkap Jagad. Jagad Gallery. Jakarta, Indonesia


- Winter Show. Davis Gallery. Copenhagen Denmark

- Escaping Demarcation. Changwon Sculpture Biennale 2022. Changwon Seongsan Art Center. South Korea

- Art Prague Fair (Art Fair). Gallery Orange International Booth. Prague, Czech

- People To People. Davis Gallery. Copenhagen Denmark

- Art Herning. With Davis Gallery booth. Herning Denmark


- Round In Circles. Davis Gallery. Copenhagen Denmark

- Between Heaven and Earth. Mississippi Art and Culture. Thyholm Denmark
- PENDULUM. IndonesiaArt Expo. Lproject. Dadi Setiyadi Studio. Yogyakarta Indonesia

- SCRAMBLED. Gallery KBHKUNST. Copenhagen Denmark

- In My Own Space. Davis Gallery. Copenhagen Denmark
- Summer Exhibition. Davis Gallery. Copenhagen Denmark
- EQUIDISTANT. Gallery Srisansanti. Yogyakarta, Indonesia
- Art Herning. With Davis Gallery. Herning, Denmark
- A Hope of Miracle. Karmelietenklooster, Gent. Belgium
- Art Invasion. Gallery Nadine Fine Art. Kualalumpur Malaysia
- Infinity City. Gallery Nadine Fine Art. Kualalumpur Malaysia
- Summer Exhibition. Davis Gallery. Copenhagen Denmark
- Winter Exhibition. Davis Gallery. Copenhagen Denmark
- Winter Show. Davis Gallery. Copenhagen Denmark
- Dot On The Wall. Lorien Gallery. Copenhagen Denmark

- Daemyung International Artist Project. Daemyung Gallery. Soul, South Korea.
- LovesMe-LovesMeNot. Lorien Gallery. Copenhagen Denmark
- Heritage Me Heritage You. Lorien Gallery. Copenhagen Denmark

- NewYearsGalla. Gallery Lorien. Copenhagen Denmark
- WinterExhibition. Davis Gallery. Copenhagen Denmark
- TETRIS. Parallel Yogyakarta Biennale. Gallery Fajdar Sidik. Yogyakarta Indonesia.
- HERITAGE INFLUENCES. Pancasila Building. Embassy of the Republic of
Indonesia. Hellerup. Copenhagen – Denmark
- DISTORTION. Gallery OckenLund. Frederiksberg. Copenhagen Denmark
Poject collaboration. Exhibition – Culture meet/talk - Workshops – Culture night.
Gammelgaard Kunst- og Kulturcenter. Herlev Denmark

- END OF YEAR. Lorien Gallery. Copenhagen Denmark
- REHASH. Helleruplund. Hellerup. Copenhagen Denmark
- REPETITION. Amaris Hotel. Solo Indonesia
- ARTIVAL 2016. Globalal Art Gallery. Vanløse. Copenhagen Denmark
- RESOLUTION #2. Volvo Art Loft Gallery. Singapore.

- RESOLUTION. Studio KALAHAN. Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Writers: Cynthia Webb (Australia) and Syed Muhd Hafiz (Singapore)
- THE WEBBING PROJECT. Museum Osaka University. Curated by M. Dwi Marianto.
Osaka, Japan
- YOS (Yogyakarta Open Studio). Kersan Art Studio. Yogyakarta, Indonesia
- YOS (Yogyakarta Open Studio). Kersan Art Studio. Yogyakarta Indonesia
- CONTEMPLATION. Studio RikkeDarling. Copenhagen Denmark
- Journey of Soul. The Indonesia Diaspora`s Work of Art. Paradehuset. Frederiksberg Denmark
- New Artist Gallery. Karin Weber Gallery. Hongkong
- HILLERØD ART DAY. Hillerød Censored Exhibition. Frederiksborg Centre. Hillerød Denmark
- Kunsthuset Annaborg. Hillerød Denmark
- Hvidovre Censored Exhibition. Hvidovre Denmark
- Remembering Things Lost. Gallery Bastillen. Copenhagen, Denmark
- BYART GALLERY. Odense, Denmark

- HILLERØD ART DAY. The Cencored Exhibition.Hillerød, Denmark

- BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Bastillen Gallery. Copenhagen, Denmark
- YOUNG ARTIST. Strand Gallery. Vejers Strand and Copenhagen, Denmark
- HILLERØD KUNSTDAGE. Hillerød, Denmark
- BIENNALE METROPOLIS. Participating in the workshop INVISIBLE CITIES LAB by
Enrique Vargas and teatro De Los Sentidos. Copenhagen Denmark
Gallery Maling Beck. Hillerød, Denmark.
- AWANG Painting-Graphic Works. Helleruplund. Hellerup, Denmark.
Gallery Nord Sjællandske Ambassade. Copenhagen, Denmark
- CARAVAN. Summer exhibition. Gallery Tinghus.
Tinghusvej Fredensborg Denmark
- VICTIMS OF THE TSUNAMI. Participating in exhibition of children drawings
from Aceh, Indonesia. Center Danish Red Cross. Copenhagen, Denmark
In cooperation with the Indonesian embassy in Copenhagen
Proceeds go to the victims of the earthquake in Yogyakarta, Central Java,
Indonesia. Gallery Den Nordsjællandske Ambassade. Copenhagen, Denmark
- POETRY ON CANVAS. Galleri Paul Kleefeld. Copenhagen, Denmark
- TIMELESS. Red Cross Culture House. Copenhagen, Denmark
- HIBRYD POETRY. Bispebjerg Culture House. Copenhagen, Denmark
- WORK WALL. Bispebjerg Culture House. Copenhagen, Denmark
- IMAGES of ASIA. Island Bryges Culture House. Copenhagen, Denmark
- SEARCHING. Huset. Copenhagen, Denmark
- EVENT ON CANVAS. Kapelvej 44. Copenhagen, Denmark
- COLOUR IS SYMBOL. Indre Culture House. Copenhagen, Denmark


- Workshop. Giveskuzoo. Give, Denmark


- Workshop. Nørrebro Bibliotek. Copenhagen, Denmark

- Workshop. Gentofte Culture Night. Copenhagen Denmark


- My ArtSpace. Herning. Denmark.
-LANA DAY. Lana, Bredaryd, Sweden.

-KUNST FOR ALLE. Copenhagen, Denmark


- ArtFreak. Art Fair. Farum, Denmark.
-MyArtSpace.dk Art Fair. Herning Torv. Herning, Denmark

- LUNDBECK. Copenhagen, Denmark


- ARTFREAK. ArtFair. Farum Arena. Farum, Denmark.

- MyArtSpace.dk ArtFair. Rådhuset (city hall). Copenhagen, Denmark

- ARTFREAK. ArtFair. Farum Arena. Farum, Denmark


- ARTVILLE. Copenhagen ArtFair. Hellerup, Denmark.

- KUNST I SØ. Art Event. Copenhagen, Denmark

- Gothenburg ArtFair. A-Hallen, Gothenburg, Sweden.

- Malmo ArtFair. Slaghuset. Malmo, Sweden

- MARIUS Café. Copenhagen, Denmark.

- Danmarks Statistik. Copenhagen Denmark.

- Helsingør City hall. Helsingør, Denmark
- Køge ArtFair. Køge, Denmark.
- ARTVILLE. Copenhagen Art Fair. Hellerup, Denmark
- Gallery Astel. Copenhagen, Denmark
-The Graphic Arts Institute of Denmark. Emdrup, Denmark
-ZACCO A/S. Hellerup, Denmark
- LAMP. Ledang Design. Copenhagen Denmark
- DESTINY II. Marius Café. Copenhagen Denmark
- DESTINY. Marius Café. Copenhagen, Denmark
- OPEN. Robert´s Café. Copenhagen, Denmark
- TSUNAMI. Sct. Andreas church. Copenhagen, Denmark
- MY POETRY. The Graphic Arts Institute of Denmark. Emdrup, Denmark
- MIXED. Zacco Denmark A/S. Hellerup, Denmark
- Guest teacher at Art School. Copenhagen, Denmark (Under Images of Asia)
- Workshop.Teaching Batik Painting at Bagus Shop. Copenhagen, Denmark
- BATIK. PKA. Hellerup, Denmark
- Mural at El Viejo Restorant. Copenhagen, Denmark
- Sparkasse Bank. Lindau, South Germany
- Notausgang Bar. Linderberg, South Germany
- OPEN MARKET. Bredaryd, Sweden
- MØL. Lanna, Bredaryd, Sweden